Team building pig slaughtering

  • From 15 people, 35 EUR and 45 EUR / person with pork menu for breakfast


For team building! A guaranteed rarity in the wide range of team-building possibilities, since you will certainly not come across such a program in the offer of a "traditional training company".

If you are looking for a special occasion for team building, then the pig-slaughtering team building program is the most ideal choice for you.

Concept: Pig butchering begins with stabbing and scalding the pig under the guidance of a professional butcher. The pig is not stabbed in front of the guests, but there is no obstacle to this upon request. Participants are allowed to help with the pig's cleaning and the cutting of the meat.

The Hungarian pork breakfast includes: freshly made pork stew with sauerkraut, polenta or mashed potatoes. Accompanied by fresh oven-baked bread, plum and blueberry brandy!

The program price does not include additional meals, but a Hungarian pork dinner can be requested for an additional fee!

The dinner includes: Sour cabbage soup, blood sausage, liverwurst, sausage, roasted pork loin in unlimited quantity, plum and blueberry brandy!

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