Off-Road tour / Gastro picnic adventure

Detailed description:
  • Season: Spring, summer, autumn.
  • Number of people: Unlimited. Recommended for up to 100 participants as team building training.
  • Duration: 3 - 5.5 hours
  • Our long off-road tours take 5-6 hours, in which case the price and the route are agreed upon!
  • Departure: The tour usually starts at 10:00-11:00 a.m.
  • It is also recognized by Google Maps and the Waze navigation app. Enter: "Borzonti Medveles" / Bear Observatory of Borzont.

Included in the price:
  • The rent of the off-road vehicle, driver, fuel, guided tour, plum brandy or blueberry brandy, water.

This jeep tour is destined to be an adventure car ride, not an off-road tour. We will meet shepherds with grazing sheep, whom we will visit at the sheepfold, depending on the weather.

The sheepfold, the summer residence of sheep and shepherds, is where they live here from St. George's Day to St. Michael's Day. We will visit the small wooden huts in which they sleep, see how they milk the animals, make cheese, and we will get a glimpse into this world that seems to be disappearing. You will be able to taste their home-made cheese, the whey cheese and the cottage cheese, which the shepherds make from freshly milked milk.

If you choose the sheepfold visit from our tours, it is possible to request a gastro package in addition to the off-road tour.

Gastro package:
  • Gastro package price: 15 EUR / person
  • Unlimited consumption of home-made cheese, cottage cheese, whey cheese, bacon, cracklings, sausages, zakuszka /Szekler specialty – cold vegetable stew/, eggplant cream, oven-baked bread, respectively plum brandy or blueberry brandy.

During our tour, we stop at several beautiful spots from where you can enjoy the panorama. We know the mushroom, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and strawberry sites in the mountains. We pick from the ones that are ripe.

You can choose from many of our hiking trails: sometimes we drive next to meadows blooming in a million colors, at other times we cross stream beds.

On these tours, we show you the face of the real Transylvania, the one that tourists would never venture to explore on their own.

f you want to see the true face of the wonderful Transylvania, it is worth choosing several days from a cross-country off-road trip, as we have many hiking trails.

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