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They wrote about us

The following reviews were written and submitted to our site by our visitors.
Quotation MarkThank you to Alex and Joe for an absolute amazing experience this evening. Seeing wild brown bears in their habitat, just 5 metres away, was something we will never forget.
– John, Liz and Jenny, England
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkIt is an indescribably great experience to take part in a bear watch. The attentiveness to the visitors is unobjectionable, everything is of high quality and in good condition and what is important, it serves a good purpose.
– Ildikó Rácz
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkIt is phenomenal when you can see the animals in their real surrounding ,bears with their whelps, foxes with their cubs, lot of boars and sometimes even deer and roes can come to the watch what you can follow on live cameras in the morning and in the evening. Not to mention the music of the birds. It includes online chatting where we have a little group and we make friends day by day. Thank you!
– Rozália Gulácsi
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkThank you! You have given us a lot with the bear watch. Unforgettable experience!
– Piter Patrik
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkSuntem nu prima dată la Dvs, la oservator de ursi, de fiecare dată am trăit clipe neuitată! Vreau să Mulțumesc lui Jolt si Alex pentru muncă minunată!
– Andrei Stefan
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkPutting all the dangers aside you can admire the world of the wild animals.
– Barta László
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkWe were in Borzont for Pentecost 5 nights and we participated on the bear watch 5 times. I have never been part in such an experience. There were Norwegian guests too and I was surprised that they have brought a translator for them in order to enjoy the watch. Hats off!
– Tamás András
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkWe have already been in wild watches in Transylvania and in bird watches in Hungary. It was a disappointment for us. It is so good that you have live broadcasting and you can see how busy your afternoons, evenings and early mornings are. It is a real reference this is how you have to do! The eye of the world is on you! We have recommended you to our acquaintances from Brazil to Australia. Stay as simple an splendid as you are now and you can have huge success!
– Pénzes Demeter
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkIt's a great idea to also be able to observe bears living in the wild, because we can only see them at the zoo, but I hope that I will get there with my family one day.
– Csernákné Nagy Éva
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkIt is super! We are waiting every evening to start, kids love Pumba. They say he is the bravest because sometimes faces up to bears. In one word it was a unique experience.
– Éva Nagy
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkIt is an amazing thing, I love your page and I congratulate for it!
– Marika Fülöp Kiss
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkI have already been in four bear watches in Transylvania but you are far the best. Your bear watch is well equipped and your knowledge Is surprising. Your hospitality deserves 100 stars. And your 'bear dope' brandy is a real curiosity.
– Jenő Tamás
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkYou are the best! I have already been in bear watches but we have never been part of such an experience!!!
– Andrea Nicu
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkIt was an experience for a lifetime. Thank you for the warm – hearted welcome. It was a positive experience being in the bear watch in Gyergyoszentmiklos. I recommend to everybody!
– Mohos Hedvig
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkOur nature is the most beautiful and the most amazing treasure in the world. You are going to be rarity! One of the biggest attractions of Transylvania. I can highly recommend to everybody! See you in November!
– Imola Hanko
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkI agree with the commenter above. I have never lived through an experience like this at the bear watch in Gyergyo. God give you power and strength Zsolt, you can count on us!
– Kémenes Demeter
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkIt is exemplary! Like this you have to keep bears away from built – up areas. Congratulations! You can count on the support of the national nature and animal protector's league. We would like to participate on another bear watch with international representatives in July. Like we have discussed, we would like to offer our help on development.
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkI really like your initiative! I would gladly visit you to be able to observe the animals live! I really like the videos and the photos; I wish you much success in your work!
– Zsolt Balázs
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkI loved watching the boar grouting, but when it ran away and the bear came, I was amazed! Awesome little page!
– Dániel Nagy
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkThe animals are amazing in close. Thank you very much for the unforgettable experience. Congratulation to the organizers!
– Váradi Kinga
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkHats off! It is a model for everyone in the world what you do.
– Markus Andreas
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkI think it is a unique opportunity to watch bears in their natural habitat, these beautiful but fearsome animals. Your adoration to nature is an example for everybody.
– Ibolya Daróczi
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkThank you Zsolt Egyed for this fantastic afternoon. It was a real experience for the whole family. I can highly recommend the bear watch in Gyergyoszentmiklos. Zsolt's proficiency, his love of nature gave us safety, his hospitality and his attitude that this man and his son certify and of course the bears and the other games, are absolutely stunning.
– Darvas Zoltánné
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkIt was worth for any trips on the bucket list. You are the best and there is no question about it. I will keep my promise that you can count on 10 tons of forage per year.
– Károly Füleki
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkWe had a fantastic experience and the hospitality of the guests! We made real friendship with the owners! Keep it up Zsolt!
– Blaga Vasile
Quotation Mark
Quotation MarkI loved watching the boars as they dug in dirt but when the bear appeared my face fell.
– Carmen
Quotation Mark
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