Presentation of Borzont's world-famous bear observatory!

Detailed description:
  • Observatory type: Closed, covered observatory with 3 huge 3m × 1.5m bulletproof glasses!
  • Capacity: 1× 30 people, 1× 10 people.
  • Location: Near the village of Borzont.
  • Duration: 1.5 – 2.5 hours.
  • Start time: The program usually starts between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m., depending on the season, the migration of bears and the weather. From the 1st of June to the 15th of September, we go on a bear watching adventure several times a day, every 2 hours!
  • The exact time must be arranged the day before the tour by calling +36707823388 or +40730617310, +40730617312.
  • Parking: Just 100 meters from the international road, in one of our guarded private parking lots!
  • Access: Guests are transported exclusively by jeeps to the foot of the bear observatory! Our main concern is the safety of our guests, that's why we recommend you to participate in a bear watch where you are not taken on foot to the natural habitat of the bears, see the many bear attacks!
  • Recommended clothing: Dark colored top.
  • For photographers: Recommended lens focal length: 200–500 mm.
  • Weather: Weather-proof program. (It starts even in the event of rain or snow, because the observatory is closed and covered.)
  • Be punctual: because we won't wait! Several people take part in our tours every day. Those who arrive on time will be picked up at the agreed time, we cannot wait for anyone.
  • Seeing bears and having an incredible experience is guaranteed: with us you only pay at the end!
  • Detailed description:
    • The „pálinka” is free during the tour!
    • Feel free to use your phone throughout the tour!
    • Age limit: We do not recommend the participation of children under the age of 2.
    • It is possible to rent the observatory for 24 hours, in which case only you and your guests stay in the observatory with a supervisor, no other guests.
      1. 400 euros/group in pre- and post-season.
        500 euros/group in high season (from the 1st of June to the 1st of October)
    • From the closed, covered, safe observatory created especially for this purpose, through large glass windows, you can comfortably observe and photograph the bears in their natural environment, even in rainy weather.
    • There are currently several observatory sites available to visitors, but if you want to take photos of bears during our off-road tours, that is also possible!
    • Our program does not start just before dark, we want our guests to be fully satisfied and be able to photograph bears not only at dusk or at sunset!
    • The program is very compatible with other tourist programs. For example, a visit to the Red Lake - Békás Pass or a Parajd – Szováta trip, which no tourist visiting the region would miss, but it can also be combined with a picnic on a horse-drawn carriage, a jeep tour.
    • Although the observatory functions as a tourist site, i.e. the program is adapted to the needs of tourists, it is guaranteed to be the best bear observatory in the whole world from a photographic point of view.
    • We paid attention to the design and construction, so that even amateur and hobby photographers can take excellent pictures, even with a phone!
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