Scandinavian A-frame Houses

Detailed description:
  • Guest houses with a high standard of comfort and all modern conveniences.
  • They were built in 2023.
  • Suitable for 6-8 people.
  • 2 rooms with double bed, large living room with a huge round sofa, kitchen with dining space, toilet, bathroom.
  • There is a separate wooden tub next to each house, which is always filled with clean spring water when the guest arrives, to which we also add 200 kg of healing salt.
  • In the garden and on the island of the fishing pond there is a cooking hob, barbecue, cooking area and several ovens. Our garden seating can accommodate up to 50 people.
  • The yard also has two guarded parking lots with huge cameras.

Our guest houses operate as turnkey houses. The beautiful Scandinavian-style A-frame houses are located at the foot of the mountains in Hargita county, not far from a village (Borzont), less than 300 metres from the international road, all on an asphalt road, very easy to reach by car. The village was electrified just a few years ago.

The village has not yet been transformed to meet the needs of tourists, and most of the people here still live in a self-sufficient way. Our houses were built in 2022 and are equipped with all the necessary conveniences. On our 25-hectare plot, there are several streams, springs and a beautiful fish pond, where our guests can have fun to their heart's content.

The houses are 104 square meters and fully comfortable.

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Scandinavian A-frame Houses
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