6 days / 5 nights at the Transylvania Apartments in Borzont

  • 335 EUR / person

* The price of accommodation may vary during HOLIDAY periods, therefore the price of the package may change minimally during these periods!

Included in the price:
  • 5 nights accommodation at Transylvania Apartments in Borzont (additional nights can be booked)
  • 5 breakfasts at one of the world-famous inns
  • 1 horse-drawn carriage/sleigh or off-road trip to the mountains (this is not real off-road, it is a car adventure, a wagon ride)
    1. Off-road vehicle rental fee
      Off-road vehicle fuel
      Guided tour
  • 1 bear watching adventure
  • A visit to the oldest craftsman in Korond, where you can try your hand at pottery making (Optional program).
  • A visit to the salt factory of Korond, unique in Europe (Optional program).
  • The Route of the Milk program. A visit to a local farming peasant family, where you can get an insight into their daily life. Farmer Jóska will show you how milk is processed, how to make the best ripened cheese in the area, how to store it and his crafts. All this is presented to you in 1.5-2 hours as part of our program (Optional program).
    1. The price includes a cheese tasting, but you can also pet the few-week-old calves and the cows.
      We wish to emphasize that Farmer Jóska is the only person in Transylvania who makes and matures cheese for Michelin star chefs in Hungary!
  • Visiting the Red Lake and the Békás Pass as an optional program! (Optional program)
    1. The Red Lake is one of Transylvania's best-known landscapes, a true natural rarity, a unique sight with tree stumps sticking out of the rusty red water and the huge boulder of the Small Cohárd behind the lake.
      The Békás Pass, with its 200-300 meter high rock walls, is one of Europe's natural rarities and a climber's paradise.
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Horse-Drawn Sleigh
Snowmobile Tour
Quad & Buggy Tour
Team building pig slaughtering
Visit to the sheepfold
Gastro picnic
The route of the milk program
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